Certainty & Peace of Mind When You Need It Most.

We provide certainty in our costs structures which means you know that you will be provided a certain level of service for an assured price – this certainty allows us all to plan ahead and to be sure that we have control over what you spend, and how you will spend it.

Clear, Time- Based Fee Estimates.

Unlike a lot of other law firms with undisclosed costs structures or contingency fee offers, we are a commercial firm that operates with time-based fee estimates and certainty – ensuring that not only do we maintain your risk awareness and keep costs sensible, but we keep your legal services budgets manageable and in line with your expectations.  To do this, we provide costs estimates prior to commencing work and if required, will continue to provide costs updates as your matter progresses through stages.

Standard Costs

As you might expect, we have a range of standard procedures and tasks that do have a standard range of fees, which we perform on a regular basis. All prices quoted are excluding GST and disbursements.

Disbursements are expenses that we incur on your behalf, such as postage, couriers or government filing fees that can vary widely on a case by case basis.

Some of the more common task costings* are set out in the next section.


Conveyancing (Sale) $1,850 – $2,650
Conveyancing (Purchase) $1,950 – $2,750
Off-the-Plan (Sale – per Unit) $1,700 – $3,850
Off-the-Plan (Purchase) $2,450 – $3,450

Leasing (acting for Landlord) $1,100 – $1,700
Leasing (acting for Tenant) $1,300 – $2,300

Wills (Simple) $680 – $1,275
Wills (Testamentary or Complex) $2,900 – $6,200
Enduring Powers of Attorney $550 – $850
Probate Applications & Administration $3,900 – $19,900

Guarantor’s Certification $1,550 – $3,250
Letters of Demand (Per Letter) $850 – $1,250
Debt Recovery (Uncontested) $2,600 – $4,800

Family Law – Initial Interview (1 hour maximum)$560
Family Law – Binding Financial Agreements (amicable)$3,400 – $10,200
Family Law – Divorce Application (amicable)$1,250 – $4,450

* Excluding GST and Disbursements

Why don’t we do “No Win, No Fee”?

We have had numerous enquiries from clients’ as to why our firm does not engage in ‘No Win, No Fee’ arrangements that many, larger firms operate under.

Usually, ‘No Win, No Fee’ arrangements contain an Uplift fee clause which implies a percentage based premium over and above their agreed fees once they are successful. These are often quite high, being up to 50% over and above their hourly rates; which effectively doubles the costs for their clients.

This can often result in litigation matters that, though successful, may leave little or nothing left for their clients; for example an insurance case that we reviewed had a settlement in the order of $120,000, of which just over $80,000 went to legal fees.   Worse, there are plenty of examples we are aware of where a family that is already undergoing hardship, gambles on “no-win, no-fee” litigation and ends up having to wear the costs of expenses and barristers fees.

As a commercial firm with an emphasis on client satisfaction and service delivery, this is not a outcome that we condone for anyone and so we do not engage in our practice on this basis.

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