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What is a Pre-Nuptual Agreement?

Pre-nuptial arrangements can also be documented by way of a Financial Agreement and can be entered into before or even during a marriage or de facto relationship.

For a Financial Agreement to be legally binding, both parties must each receive independent legal advice in relation to a list of matters specified in the Family Law Act.

It is important to allow adequate timing to see a lawyer before considering a ‘pre-nuptial’ Agreement given both parties must receive independent legal advice first.


When do Pre-Nuptual Agreements make sense?

Pre-Nuptual Agreements can be appropriate for both married and defacto couples. The agreements set out how property and asset will be divided in the event you break up.

Compeliling reasons a Pre-Nuptual Agreement might be advisable are:

  • One party has more cash of assets than the other
  • One of both parties have children from previous relationships
  • One party is expected to inherit
  • If you just want peace of mind as to how property and assets will be divided if your relationship dissolves.

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