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Conveyancing is a specific area of Property Law. It is also likely the single most important and largest transactions that most people enter into during their lives.

The main difference between what Lawyers and Conveyancers do for property transactions is simply the breadth and quality of service. The broad underpinning of all transactions in law is caveat emptor or ‘buyer beware’. All parties have to by law, take responsibility for the terms that they enter into when buying a property.

So the question you might be asking is ..Why should you spend a little more on Lawyers when buying or selling the most valuable asset you will ever own? The answer is really in the question.

If there were no serious risks or contractual ‘tricks’; most all property transactions could probably be done by a conveyancer; they offer a simpler and cheaper service.

What Makes Us Different?

Where our firm adds real value far in excess of any price is providing you with advice and reviews of Contracts prior your purchase, recognising risks and most importantly alerting you to them. For example, we commonly:

  • Save our clients thousands of dollars on each transaction where Land Tax might be payable.
  • Negotiate additional Special Conditions for building and pest inspections
  • Identify possible issues with planning and use requirements for commercial and residential properties (for example where someone wishes to live and work on the premises but cannot do so due to planning restrictions)
  • Assist in commercial negotiations
  • Clarify issues in off-the-plan purchases
  • Save our Vendors large amounts in tax, sale and transactional costs for sales of properties

Further, we often do these things without affecting our price or sometimes, even without our client knowing about it until it is completed.


Our top 5 tips for purchasing property

Purchasing property is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life. Our Top 5 Tips will help you avoid some of the common pitfalls and save you money, time and stress.

Top 5 tips for purchasing property

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We go the extra mile for your property purchase or sale

Examples of where we believe we have greatly assisted our clients include:

  • Providing a Complimentary and Unlimited Contract Review Service for our Purchasers.
  • Drafting and providing a Bespoke Set of Special Conditions for all our Vendors.
  • Acting for Vendors in complex land sales, the largest to date being in excess of $42m.
  • Acting for Purchasers in claims against off-the-plan builders and developers.

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