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Ganci Huggett Lawyers has a wealth of practical experience in assisting families and loved ones in assisting with tasks, providing guidance and managing the complexity of administering an Estate at what can be a time of great sorrow, stress and confusion.

If you have any queries regarding how we might assist you, please feel free to send us an email or telephone us to discuss your matter with one of our Estate law specialists.


Dealing With Family Disputes

We are also well experienced in dealing with Estate litigation claims and defenses; acting for parties claiming or disputing their entitlements under a Will or to an Estate, or mediating in circumstances where family disputes might otherwise arise.

To date, our largest disputes have ranged from matters involving in excess of $70m as well as complex interstate and international claims against celebrity estates.


Going To Court? This is the Ultimate Guide to a Good Result.

Going to court is never fun, but if you follow these simple tips your will maximise the chance of things going in your favour.

Essential tips on going to court

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